Activision Says That Launch Date For PS4 Call Of Duty: Ghosts Is “Incorrect”

/ 4 years ago


Bad news can turn to good news sometimes. However, this is not the case here for Call of Duty: Ghosts fans, especially PS4 players. Activision announced that the Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC will not be released as previously announced, on February the 6th. Sony has been named responsible by publishing the incorrect date.

Earlier this week, Sony published that the PS4 version of Onslaught will be “available Thursday, 2/6 at Noon Pacific”, however Sony was prompt in responding to correct their mistake, as the Onslaught listing has been withdrawn as soon as Activision stated that the date attributed to the listing is incorrect.

In terms of finding out the actual release date for the update, Activition stated that players will be “duly informed”. This means that we will have to wait for an actual official release date to be revealed, and then actually wait for the date to arrive in order to get the DLC.

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But since we are talking about games, where these kind of things are so common that you can start a betting agency for players to gamble on whether or not the
launch date will be pushed back or not, I don’t think there were player out there who weren’t expecting something like this. Though, it was left to about the very last-minute. What should we expect for future deadlines then? A statement at the exact second before the launch date for it to be pushed back again?

Thank you Ubergizmo for providing us with this information

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