Activision Says Sony isn’t Returning Their Calls (And I Don’t Blame Them!)

I should start this by making two points clear. I never believed that Microsoft’s proposed takeover of Activision was going to be good for non-Xbox and PC gamers. Additionally, I never thought that, following the scrutiny of various international regulatory bodies, it would be allowed to go ahead. – Ultimately, whether Microsoft will admit it or not, it is my firm belief that the move was predominantly done as an anti-competition measure. And this, for those of you unaware, is illegal.

No, it’s not illegal for Microsoft to attempt it, but it is up to regulatory commissions to make sure that such deals are stopped in their tracks. – And, at the moment, it seems that EU, USA, and UK bodies looking over this matter are all erring towards shutting the deal down (and hard!).

Bad Short-Term Business For Major Long-Term Gains?

Now, admittedly, from a business standpoint, it did seem crazy that Microsoft would’ve been willing to make Call of Duty (et. al.) titles exclusive to their own platform/s. The PlayStation is undoubtedly the biggest system and seller when it comes to COD. – The key point of note, however, was that ever since the deal was announced early last year, Microsoft remained notably silent on what future Activision/Blizzard titles would have on the PlayStation. In fact, they only did start talking about it when it seemed clear that the EU commission (the first to really dig into this) wasn’t overly happy with Microsoft’s silence, evasion, and apparent lack of general cooperation.

Given that the PS5 is hugely outselling the Xbox, however, and not for the first time over the last few generations of console wars, you have to suspect that Microsoft felt drastic action was needed to swing the tide in their favour. And this may indeed have repressed making COD an Xbox/PC exclusive!

In a new and bizarre twist to the tale, however, Activision/Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has taken to a news broadcaster saying that they’re trying to reach out to Sony, but Sony isn’t returning their calls. – And at this point, I can’t say I blame them! I wouldn’t answer them either (right now) if I was in charge of PlayStation!

Activision CEO Can’t Get Sony to Call Him Back!

Make no bones about it, Microsoft’s takeover of Activision/Blizzard is looking exceptionally unlikely right now. In fact, I’d almost say that it currently has around a 90% chance of completely falling through. Not least of all because Microsoft’s acquisition offer will expire this Summer meaning that if it’s not concluded by then they’d have to start all over again with a fresh bid.

Why is Sony apparently ignoring Activision though? Well, my best guess is this regard is for a number of reasons. Firstly, with the USA potentially seeking legal action against Microsoft over the deal, Sony may not want to talk to Activision out of fear of being dragged into this. And, for the moment, Sony has predominantly stayed relatively quiet – Their lawyers have been busy for sure, but they’re clearly playing chess and not checkers here!

More so, Sony might be quite happy to just make Activision sweat a little at this point. In so far as we can tell, Microsoft swept in for them before Sony was even made aware that such a deal could happen. As such, they might be happy, with Activision now facing a very uncertain future, just making old Bobby Kotick stare at his phone all day long. – You know, in the same kind of way that you always get advised (for better or worse) that if you’ve been on a great date you shouldn’t call them back for a couple of days to avoid appearing too keen.

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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