Ad for ‘Thinnest Smartphone’ Banned in UK for Sexualising Women

/ 3 years ago

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An ad for “the world’s thinnest smartphone” has been banned in the UK. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), said that the ad was “likely to cause serious offence” due to its “sexually suggestive” nature.

The ad in particular, for the Kazam Tornado 348, was banned by the ASA after they said that “much of the ad focused entirely on the actor in her underwear, including scenes that featured several close-up shots that lingered over her breasts, buttocks and lips.” The commercial seemingly focused on the woman a little too much, with not many references to the actual product itself. The ASA added that “the focus on the woman bore no relevance to the advertised product.”

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The manufactuer of the phone, Kazam, said that the ad was only making reference to someone getting ready to go out and struggling to find their phone because it is too thin.

What do you think? Watch the ad below.

Source: The Verge

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6 Responses to “Ad for ‘Thinnest Smartphone’ Banned in UK for Sexualising Women”
  1. i keep on hearing the word thinnest all the time,i can’t keep up anymore…..

  2. Jeremy says:

    It’s a great ad. Of course it’s going to piss people off, but you won’t forget about that phone now, will you?

  3. Ryan Airth says:

    “the focus on the woman bore no relevance to the advertised product.”
    I’ve seen ads that bore no relevance with the advertised product, but as soon as it’s a woman it’s an issue?

    I’m all for equality between men and women, but if this is how they feel, then they better damn well ban all the other ads the focus little on the product.

    One example would Mars Bar’s new add that contains a dog playing pan pipes and then only at the end do you see the Mars Bar.
    Another would be pretty much all perfume/fragrance ads that also contain sexualization of men and/or women.

    The hypocrisy…..

  4. Gaurav Pandey says:

    ending wasn’t that good, but the rest of the advertisement was nice 😛

  5. Bob Smith says:

    Wow, damn…

  6. Loren Black says:

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