ADATA Launches its Gold Edition XPG Z1 DDR4 Overclocking Memory

/ 3 years ago

XPG-Z1 gold

DDR4 memory wasn’t that well received when it launched earlier this year with most people being a bit disappointed in the speeds. This is a thing somewhat attributed by the lower voltages used compared to DDR3. Lately more and more companies are launching their overclockers and high-performance DDR4 modules to make up for this and the latest of them is ADATA with their new Gold Edition XPG Z1.

We saw ADATA’s red XPG Z1 modules earlier this year, but the new golden modules kick it up an extra notch. The Gold Edition XPG Z1 runs at 1.35v and with speeds between 3000 and 3333MHz at CL16 timings.

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The setup should be a piece of cake with XMP 2.0 profiles and the modules are built with 10-layer PCBs with 2oz of pure copper and oversized aluminium heatsinks for the best cooling and thereby better and more stable modules with more overclocking potential.

Thanks to ADATA for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of ADATA

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