ADATA XPG Spectrix S20G M.2 2280 Gen 3×4 SSD Review

ADATA is one of the leading names when it comes to high-performance memory and storage. Actually, they’re even a strong competitor when it comes to laptops, PC cases and peripherals these days too! However, I’ll be focusing on their storage division for now. I have their new XPG Spectrix S20G M.2 2280 Gen 3×4 SSD in for review. It’s packed full of features, and promises RGB thrills, fast read and write speeds, so it’s sure to appeal to those planning a new Gaming PC or even a nice upgrade to their existing system.

ADATA XPG Spectrix S20G M.2 2280 Gen 3×4 SSD

The drive features a PCIe Gen3x4 interface, with support for both SLC Caching and Host Memory Buffer. That means it should deliver random read/write speeds of 160K/190K IOPS. You can benefit from LDPC (Low-Density Parity-Check) error correcting code technology to detect and fix a wider range of data errors, as well as AES 256 encryption; it’ll ensure data security and integrity. With read speeds of 2500MB/s and write speeds of 1800MB/s, it’s as fast as we can hope for from a Gen 3 drive, so it shouldn’t feel like it’s holding us up, even when loading larger files and games.


  • Play Xtreme:  The XPG SPECTRIX S20G is an SSD for gaming from start to finish and its style reflects that. It has a distinctive and prominent RGB X-shaped design that outshines the competition. RGB light effects can be customized using software. Plus, a brushed finish gives the SSD a formidable yet stylish look that will intimidate and impress.
  • Leave your opponents in the dust:  Using the PCIe Gen3x4 interface and with support for SLC Caching and Host Memory Buffer, you will outperform your opponents with random read / write speeds of 160K / 190K IOPS.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty:  All components of the SPECTRIX S20G have passed meticulous controls, tests and certifications. It is also backed by a 5-year warranty.


Capacity500GB / 1TB
Form factorM.2 2280
Dimensions (L x W x H)80 x 22.1 x 7.55mm / 3.15 x 0.87 x 0.3inch
Weight10.4g / 0.37oz
InterfacePCIe Gen3x4
Sequential Read (Max)Up to 2500MB/s1
Sequential Write (Max)Up to 1800MB/s1
4KB Random Read IOPS(Max)160K1
4KB Random Write IOPS(Max)190K1
Operating temperature0°C – 70°C
Storage temperature-40°C – 85°C
Shock resistance1500G/0.5ms 
MTBF 2,000,000 hours 
Warranty25-year limited warranty 

What ADATA Had to Say

“The XPG SPECTRIX S20G is a gaming SSD through and through and its styling reflects this. It sports a distinctive and prominent x-shaped RGB design that outshines the competition. The RGB light effects can be customized via software. What’s more, a hairline-brushed finish gives the SSD a formidable yet elegant look that will intimidate and impress.

Accelerate your gaming experience with the NVMe 1.3-compliant SPECTRIX S20G. Built with 3D NAND Flash and sporting read/write speeds of 2500/1800MB/s, load games faster and enjoy smoother gameplay. It works with all the latest Intel and AMD platforms for no-hassle compatibility.” – ADATA

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