Adblock Plus Launches Web Browser For iOS

/ 2 years ago

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Recently, Apple announced plans to allow the use of ad-blockers on Safari for the very first time. Granted, this will only be available to users on the latest iOS 9 release, but Eyeo, the company behind AdBlock Plus has pre-emptied this revelation with its own browser designed to detect and block “annoying adverts”. According to the development team, the project has been in production for some time:

“We’ve been developing Adblock Browser for months, long before Apple made the announcement about iOS 9,”

Adblock’s app is a custom-variant of the Kitt browser which gives developers the tools to create a huge scope of unique software. By default, only extremely intrusive adverts are blocked but users can manually select all adverts to be hidden. The advent and acceptance of ad-blocking software on iOS was only a matter of time as consumers can already employ a number of blocking extensions on Android.

Research indicates Adblock’s usage is on the rise and grew by nearly 70% between June 2013 and June 2014. Unfotunately, there’s no concrete data which clearly outlines the percentage of web users installing Adblock. Some studies predict around 10% whilst others have recorded a much higher figure.

Consumers feel the need to use Adblock because of intrusive adverts. However, websites depend on ad-sense to pay for equipment, writers and make their content a professional, full-time job. There needs to be a balancing act where adverts are permitted but done in a very subtle way without detracting from the core content.

Do you use Adblock?

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