Addonics Announced M2 Hybrid Controller and M2 SSD Adapter

/ 2 years ago


Addonics is one of those companies that creates gadgets and tools that you didn’t know you need until you see them, then you don’t know how you ever lived without. They have just released two new PCIe x4 controllers for M.2 PCIe and SATA drives, allowing you to utilize your system in a whole different way.

The Addonics Dual Hyper HDD M2 Hybrid Controller (model AD4SAHM2) is a two-port SATA III PCI-e 4-lane host controller combined with two M2 (NGFF) SSD slots. In standard mode, the connected two M2 SSDs and the two SATA hard drives can be set up to operate as four individual drives or combined to form a RAID 0, RAID 1 or RAID 10 group .

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The two SATA ports support Port Multiplier and when used with M2 SSDs, the controller can use turn your HDDs into SSHDs by using the SSD for hot data and the HDD for the lesser-used data.


The second new add-on card is the M2 PCIe SSD Adapter (model AD2M2S-PX4) that allows you to install three M.2 SSDs. You can combine of one M2 PCI SSD and two M2 SATA SSDs in size ranging from 32 mm to 110 mm in length. The adapter requires no drivers and will present all three drives individually to your operating system.


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