Adobe disables flash player installs on Android

/ 5 years ago

Adobe surprised quite a lot of people within the industry last year when it announced the company no longer had plans to continue developing flash player for mobile devices. Instead they announced a complete turn towards HTML5 based web technologies. Now Adobe has finally stopped flash player installs for Android based mobile market.

The root cause of the change towards HTML5 came when Apple’s Steve Jobs refused to allow flash player onto Apple devices stating it was unreliable, insecure, drained battery life and a backwards proprietary standard. Given the large share of the mobile device market Apple hold this was a huge blow for Adobe.

There is still a huge demand for Flash Player across the desktop market, as shown by Google’s integration of Flash Player into its Chrome browser.

Microsoft originally planned to ship Windows 8 without Flash support but apparently had a change of heart seeing as a lot of content still isn’t ready for the transition to HTML5. As such, Microsoft will be bundling IE10 with a limited amount of Flash content to ensure security, reliability and battery life for Windows 8 style browsing.


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