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Adobe have been synonymous for patches and updates to current software which has often annoyed users, this includes the servicing twice a month of Flash Player which has become a hackers dream and feels somewhat dated since the arrival of HTML 5 into browsers as standard.

In Photoshop CC 2015 Adobe have moved a feature by the name of “Save for Web” If you use this feature and have wondered where Adobe has moved it to then it’s under File – Export – Save For Web (Legacy) In a Blog post, Stephen Nielson who is the Sr. Product Manager overseeing Adobe Photoshop has written the following.

“Because Save for Web is built on the former ImageReady product (now discontinued), the code is too antiquated to maintain and develop new features”

This feature will still be kept as of now, but will not be developed any further with the aim being eventually moving users over to the new Adobe Generator workflow feature for exporting image assets from Photoshop. According to Adobe, all scripts which have been created will still work after this update, although knowing Adobe, anything could happen. if you’re a shortcuts kind of person then this remains the same, ctrl + alt + shift + s for Windows-based users or cmd + opt + shift + s for Mac.

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