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Adult Company Buys Doxing Website To (Literally) Burn it Down

Doxing, if you are not familiar with the term, is an attempt to find out someone’s true identity who may not wish for certain aspects of it to be publicly known. This is particularly prevalent for if you are on the internet under a pseudonym such as (and purely for example) PewDiePie. What does it look to achieve? Well, in very basic terms, it looks to discover a lot of information about the person and, usually, with the intent of publishing it publically online. This can include names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

One such website looked to very specifically deal with the information of ‘adult entertainment’ stars. Following its purchase from a major adult company, however, they have celebrated the acquisition by, quite literally, burning all the files to the ground! There’s a video of it too! Don’t worry, it’s (mostly) safe for work!

Doxing Website Is Literally Burnt Down

As you can see in the video above, the company (who we shall not specifically name here, but the video gives you a small clue) removed all of the hard drives from the company server and literally burnt them! Well, I suppose that’s one way to destroy the data!

In a statement (which now appears on the doxing website), the company has said:

“For too long, this site has unfortunately been a resource for hate, lies, and sensitive information.

While shutting this site down doesn’t purge the internet of all possible ties to real names and what not, it does make it one less place to harbor and find these things easily. A forum that had 300,000 posts on it, most of them negative and hate-filled, has now disappeared.”

Companies Lend Support

The move has been largely welcomed by not just the internet, but the ‘adult entertainment industry’ as a whole. One other major (and well known) company has openly congratulated them for making this decision to destroy the information in a very public manner.

While avoiding the ‘adult’ subject as a whole, I think we can happily lend our congratulations to them as well. It did, after all, probably cost them a fair bit of money to buy this website only to destroy it! It was, however, certainly for the greater good!

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Mike Sanders

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