Aerocool Announce Dead Silence Fan Series

/ 4 years ago

dead silence fan

Aerocool Advanced Technologies recently revealed their new Dead Silence case fan series, featuring a choice of 140 and 120 mm axial-fan models. Dead Silence is not simply a name; it’s the main focus of the newly established products series, which is bringing forth new technology to innovate the cooling market. After an intensive development period, Aerocool Advanced Technologies was able to create an impressive case fan that combines the sturdiness and advantages of plastic with the flexibility and vibration absorption of rubber! And let’s be honest, it’s not often we get big changes in fan design.

Tony Lin, CEO of Aerocool Advanced Technologies stated: “The Dead Silence series stands for great products, providing outstanding performance at ultra-low noise level. Our new DS fan series brings innovation to the market and displays the potential of the Dead Silence series very well.”

Aerocool is first in the world to bring this technology to the market, offering dual-material silent fans in the common sizes of 140 and 120 mm. Both fan models are based on a dual-color design, where plastic is painted black and the rubber parts are painted in a second colour, such as red, blue, black or white, depending on the version! All nine fan-blades are constructed of dual-layer material, providing good airflow while not compromising low-noise operation! Rubber based rear side of the blades is utilizing a “Golf Ball” surface to minimize air-turbulence. Dead Silence fan’s frame design is optimized by implementing four noise absorption chambers and anti-vibration rubber layer on each corner, preventing vibrations to be transferred to the chassis or CPU cooler! In addition, four LEDs are built into the frame to illuminate the fans.

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Both 140 and 120 mm Dead Silence case fans are equipped with a high-quality Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB), which stands out with a long life span of 100.000 hours (MTBF), higher precision rotation and an anti-shock function. Smallest model measures 120 x 120 x 25 mm and spins with 1.200 RPM at 12 Volts, while moving 54,8 CMF (92,9 m3/h) of air at merely audible 15,8 dBA. And it gets even better, when used with the supplied 7 Volts adapter, thanks to which fan speed is reduced to moderate 800 RPM – creating constant airflow of 36,7 CFM (62,2 m3/h) at extremely silent 12,1 dBA.

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The slightly bigger 140 mm model spins with 1.000 RPM (64,8 CFM / 109,8 m3/h) at only 14,2 dBA. Operating the fan at 7 Volts drops the fan speed to 700 RPM and noise level to inaudible 10,8 dBA. Thanks to the very low 3 Volts spin-up voltage, users can adjust the noise-level and fan speed according to their preference by using the fans in combination with a fan controller.

Scope of delivery was carefully chosen, to satisfy the needs of enthusiasts and silence-fans. All Dead Silence case fans come with four anti-vibration screws, one 3-to-4-pin Molex adapter and an extra low speed fan 3-pin extension cable, which allows permanent operation of the fans at 7 Volts. All cables including the supplied adapters are protected by black sleeve.

Aerocool Dead Silence 120 and 140 mm case fans will be available from etailers and retailers worldwide from January 2014 and we hope to follow up with a full review around that time.

Thank you Aerocool for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Aerocool.

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3 Responses to “Aerocool Announce Dead Silence Fan Series”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    They look interesting. I look forward to trying them out.

  2. Matthew Humpherson says:

    To be honest if the specs are anything to go by I would rather have these Reviewed by several places and even beat the much more expensive Noctua fans.

  3. Joshua Jax Jordan says:

    Not enough airflow for me, I go for airflow over noise ultimately… as that is what they are for.

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