Aerocool Shark 120mm Evil Black Edition Orange LED Fan Review

/ 5 years ago

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For most people choosing a fan is often a very hit-and-miss decision. However, there is so much to consider when choosing a fan that people miss out on: price, performance, noise, looks and features. So today we are hoping to give you a detailed run down of all these criteria as we do a review of this Shark 120mm Evil Black Edition fan from Aerocool.

You can see the specifications below of this fan. As with most fans, we recommend you take the noise ratings with a pinch of salt!


From the front of the box we can see the really unique design this fan offers. It is also clear that Aerocool are going all-out using the Shark as the marketing figure for this product. This must be a theme with Asian companies because Evercool also do a very similar thing with some of their products.


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12 Responses to “Aerocool Shark 120mm Evil Black Edition Orange LED Fan Review”
  1. d6bmg says:

    A 1000rpm fan spinning at 850rpm?
    Typical story with the products of 2nd grade company. No PWM support. Nothing stands out among the crowd. except for the funky look. Obviously, we don’t want a fan only for its design.

    • Nope. Spinning at 850RPM due to the adaptor we used, this adapter was not provided by Aerocool it was used by us to try and get it to spin at 1000RPM so we had comparable results to other fans. Nothing to do with the fan. No PWM support is indeed a downside, but clearly the results show that it does have good airflow. My point is that for a fan that was spinning at 850RPM it did well to match or better most fans that were spinning at 1000RPM. It is a very good fan for the price

      • d6bmg says:

        Oh. Sorry for the misconception.

        Another question: How is ti compared to Corsair AF series fans?? I’m asking because AF series fans are considered to be one of the best in the lot.

        • That’s fine I should of explained it better 😛 well I have not got the AF120s in for testing but I assume performance on the AF120s would be marginally better and a lot quieter than these. However, these are meant to be good fans if you are on a limited budget the Corsair AF 120s are more premium and thus more expensive fans costing £12.50 compared to the £7 that these cost

          • Qrash says:

            Wouldn’t the Corsair SP120 be a more appropriate comparison for heatsink application? These are packaged two ways, Quiet and Performance units, though both include a voltage reducing adapter. And they are PWM fans.

          • Qrash says:

            Oops, sorry, the SP120 fans are not PWM fans. The similar ones Corsair includes with the H80i water-cooling unit are PWM though. Sorry for the error.

          • We compare what we get sent. We have not been sent any Corsair SP120s so we cannot compare. Sorry. We will try and get some though

  2. Wayne says:

    Evil Black Orange LED Edition eh? Quite a mouthful.

  3. Rubbe says:

    Wouldnt it be an idea to show some images when testing Led-fans?

    • Next to impossible to get a decent picture with low lighting and LED fans but yes In future I will try and do this despite how bad it may look 😛 thanks for the feedback

      • Rubbe says:

        Youre welcome. Guess that all depends on the quality of the camera used for that kind of a shot. But thanks for giving it a go 🙂

  4. xxxpappxxxhu says:

    Would have been nice to see a video.

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