Aerocool XPredator X3 Full-Tower PC Chassis Review

/ 5 years ago

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Today I am taking a look at the XPredator X3 gaming chassis from Aerocool. We looked at the Aerocool XPredator a while ago, which you can read here, but the X3 is essentially the little brother edition. I really liked the original Xpredator, its one of my all time favourite chassis to work with and it was more than worthy of our eTeknix award. So it will be interesting to see how well this slightly more budget friendly edition holds up in comparison to its bigger brother.

The X3 features the same extremely styling and colour themes of the original XPredator, a mixture of high contrasting black and orange surfaces, extreme cut angles and plentiful support for today’s high end components. Aerocool have ten years experience in chassis and cooling design and production, something that has clearly served them well as we have yet to review an Aerocool product that hasn’t delivered excellent performance, build quality, style and value for money. A bunch of qualities that I hope to find in today’s review.

“Our engineering and RD staffs specialize in airflow analysis, material conductivity, heat transfer technology and efficiency design. AeroCool not only has expertise in cooler technology and product design, but we also play a vital role in the enhancement of production efficiency and marketing analysis. We are constantly developing new products and technology to meet market demands and to generate new markets for our thermal products.” –

As another entry into their Ultimate Gaming Series this chassis has to meet a high standard, giving that gaming chassis are generally targeted at the enthusiast market. A gaming chassis has to perform well and provide great cooling solutions as well as room for high end graphics cards, some of the more powerful power supplies on the market as well as plenty of room for storage and other devices. Lets take a quick look at the specification and see just what to expect from this chassis.

  • Chassis Dimensions – 533mm (D) x 223mm (W) x 527mm (H)
  • Material – 0.7/0.6 SPCC Steel
  • Motherboards – ITX/ATX/Micro ATX
  • Drive Bays – 3x 5.25″ (External) / 8 x HDDs(Internal) / 1 x 3.5″ (External) +1 x 2.5″HDD Hot Swap Slot
  • Expansion Slots – 8 Slots
  • Max length space available for PCI slots – 310 mm
  • I/O Ports – 2 x USB 3.0 / Audio+Mic / 2 x Fan Controller
  • Height limit for CPU coolers (Without side fan) – 186 mm
So plenty of room for storage, multiple long length graphics cards, cooling and even a built in fan controller. Lets start by taking a closer look at these features before we move onto our build section.

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7 Responses to “Aerocool XPredator X3 Full-Tower PC Chassis Review”
  1. I like the style of this case. A bit different then the rest. I might look into getting one. Nice review

  2. Wayne says:

    Looks decent enough but a bit loud & edgy for my taste. The internal wiring is a kaleidoscope of colours. Nice build btw.

    • Peter Donnell says:

      Yeah it really is a bit eye watering but I really like it simply because it’s different. It’s nice that some companies are willing to try something fun every now and then, especially within this price range 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    This case looks like a rebadge of Rosewill’s Thor v2, with a modified front I/O panel and some tweaked out colors. The Thor v2 is a stellar case that I have worked with for a couple of builds, and which has also gotten very good reviews from Anandtech and other sites, if anyone is looking for a second opinion.

  4. Mac says:

    This is almost an exact copy of the Rosewill THOR 2, I have the THOR and love it, it is built heavy duty (weight tells you that) I have been looking for a mid tower THOR 2 with no luck, if this is built like the THOR I want it, it is 20 3/4″ tall which is about 3 1/2″ shorter than my THOR.

  5. tiery565 says:

    Can i install a H100i on the top with a pull-push configuration? Push is enough if there isn’t too much space…

  6. Wazzza says:

    xpredator was the first then the thor v2 was realeased later so the thor is newer the xpredator older

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