Affordable and silent cooling solution from GlacialTech

/ 6 years ago

The relatively low profile company GlacialTech has hit the market with an affordable and silent CPU cooler. Far from an enthusiast standard this cooler is aimed sub 140W processors to run with low temperatures and noise at standard clock speeds. The Igloo 5620 series is equipped with only 2 copper heat pipes at the base but these lead in to a very dense aluminium heat sink arrangement which is cooled with a yellow 90mm ultra entering bearing fan.  They make a PWM version of the 5620 which obviously has a PWM controlled fan, whilst they also make a Silent version of the 5620 which has a fan capped at 1200RPM or 20dBA. GlacialTech lists these features as being the most important:

Key Features

  • Two D6 sinter heat-pipes
  • 9 cm high efficiency bullet fan
  • Heat-pipes contact directly
  • Multi-platform

They stress a fantastic price to performance ratio but they did not disclose a price. However, we can expect this unit to rival something like the Cooler Master Hyper TX3 which retails at around £17/€18/$25 so this cooler has one less heat pipe so should be marginally cheaper we expect a retail price of about £14/€15/$21 if this product is to deliver on its price-to-performance promise.

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