AFOX preparing single slot HD 7850 at CeBit 2012

/ 6 years ago

AFOX, a relatively unheard of graphics card manufacturer, has been showing off a very unique HD 7850 graphics card at CeBit 2012. The air cooled card based on the HD 7850 by AMD features a unique single slot design. Carrying the model number AF7850-1024D5S1, AFOX’ creation sports a similar cooling assembly as the one on the AF6850-1024D5S1, an HD 6850-based graphics card. The card uses a large flow-blower style fan which moves air through the casing of the card as opposed to blowing air directly onto it. The heat is drawn off the key components of the card using a vapour chamber plate.

However, unlike the reference HD 7850’s this card will have half the VRAM with 1GB instead of 2GB and that RAM will be slightly downclocked to 4.5GHz effective as opposed to 4.8GHz effective. But the core clock does get a modest overclock at 900Mz from 860MHz. The display IO is a rather cluttered and compact mix of one dual-link DVI, one full-size HDMI, one mini-DisplayPort, and one full-size DisplayPort all on a single PCI panel.

Source: VR-Zone


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