Age of Empires Series Returns on Windows 8

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Microsoft has far from abandoned their child Age of Empires and is readying a new version of the game. It will be fully presented at the PAX Prime 2014 that starts in a couple of days. Age of Empires: Castle Siege will be a Windows 8 exclusive and is a joint developed game between Microsoft itself and Smoking Gun Interactive Game Studios. The new game is specially designed to take advantage of touch-based devices with lot of swipe functions.

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The new game also allows you to connect with your friends through the Xbox Live portal and compete for the crown. The goal of the game is the usual you’re used to from the series, gather resources, build your castles, forts and armies and then attack the enemy players for the victory.

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The player has six civilization to chose from, each with their unique cultural units. The game progress is saved between multiple Windows 8 devices if you should have more then one and it will feature in-game purchases to accelerate game play. The new Age of Empires has a size of 168MB and will only be available as digital download from the Windows stores.

Thank you Microsoft for providing this information

Image and video curtsey of Microsoft.

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2 Responses to “Age of Empires Series Returns on Windows 8”
  1. Bernardo Barreto says:

    and after abandoning it, they are destroying it… sigh.

  2. Bernardo Barreto says:

    and after abandoning it, they are destroying it… sigh.

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