Air Umbrella – Stay Dry with a Force Field of Air

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“Rain rain go away, come again another day” reads the popular children nursery rhyme, but what if you’re an adult and have responsibilities that require us to go… outside? We all know that umbrellas are clunky and out of date devices – they bend inside out in the wind and carry a lot of water inside with you to drip all over the floors, but what if we could just simply blast the air away?

There’s a cool new Kickstarter pledge that has been making the rounds over social media called Air Umbrella. The page claims that it will keep you dry from any kind of incoming rain, just shy of catching yourself in a monsoon – if this is the case however, a conventional umbrella won’t do much either.

Already reaching over $12,000 out of its $10,000 Kickstarter target, the Air Umbrella is something that is looking quite promising. We’ve seen a previous product out of Korea try to make their own version of air protection back in 2010 without much success, so here’s hoping these Chinese designers can produce a better product.

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There’s plenty of time to continue backing the product and for a backing of $88, you can score yourself an original release product all the way up to a $1,320 pledge which will see you receiving 10 umbrellas all with chargers included.

So how does it work? Using its current design to regulate the flow or air into an outwards type flow, it basically generates an air barrier between you and the rain droplets, letting the air expelled push away any rain that is destined for your head. If you’re wanting to take a look at their supplied diagrams and production model images, all can be found on their Kickstarter page.

Image courtesy of Kickstarter

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2 Responses to “Air Umbrella – Stay Dry with a Force Field of Air”
  1. Wayne says:

    Only to find the your batteries are flat when you need it the most. The good old brolly has existed unchanged for centuries now and for good reason, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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