Airbnb Release New Logo – Jokers Chuckle

/ 3 years ago

airbnb new logo

Airbnb has released their latest logo update, said to be a symbol of belonging – unfortunately for most internet trolls, they have other things on their mind.

Some smart cookie has released a Tumblr account named Airbnb Logos and is completely focused on creation and collection of the funniest interpretations of this new symbol.


With most of the interpretations being unsafe for young eyes, Airbnb might have a re-design on their mind or maybe this is the exact promotion they want and need. Some of the best interpretations include Peter Griffin’s (Family Guy) chin, a cute puppy dog or various forms of male and female genitalia.

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Some of the public feedback ranges from copyright claims to outright praise. But unfortunately since seeing the dedicated Tumblr, there’s only one place our mind is sending us – the gutter.

What do you see?

Cover image courtesy of TheDrum

Inset image courtesy of Airbnb Logos

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