Akasa ES Series 450W Power Supply Review

/ 7 years ago


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Recently we’ve seen developments in systems using less power whilst pushing out more performance. Especially with Sandy Bridge and AMD’s Bulldozer hitting the market in a big way. Due to this, systems are requiring less power and remaining stable as a rock.

Akasa have harnessed this market by releasing the ES series of power supplies which offer high-end features in an affordable unit with stability and reliability at the forefront. They feature over 80% efficiency, all of the relevant connectors for any system and stable power delivery.

Today we are looking at the ES Power 450W variant with dual 12V rails, thermally controlled ultra-quiet fan, over 80% efficiency and active PFC.

Taken from the Akasa website:

ES is the entry level series of Akasa power supplies. These can be described as reliable, highly efficient and affordable. The ES power supplies have been designed with a no frills approach but still include many of the important features found on high-end power supplies.

Over 80% efficiency and built in active PFC provides energy saving clean power. The Ultra quiet thermally controlled 12cm fan ensures efficient cooling. Strong 12V output balanced on two rails delivers reliable system performance.

Fully sleeved cables complete with a generous number of connectors, including PCIe for graphics support. This provides great compatibility and makes it an ideal choice for mainstream and basic computing systems of today and the future.

  • Energy saving active PFC
  • Over 80% efficient
  • Thermally controlled ultra quiet fan
  • Dual 12V rail for stable power delivery
  • PCIe connector
  • Fully sleeved cables with black mesh
  • Suitable for bottom case mounting



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