Akasa Introduce Euler T and Euler M Chassis

/ 3 years ago


Akasa has just revealed two great new additions to their chassis’ lineup, the Euler T and the Euler M.


Both of the new chassis’ have been built completely out of thick aluminium panels, that not only look fantastic, but also act as built-in heatsinks for your CPU, allowing your system to run passively. The passive cooling design can handle a TDP of up to 35W, making these great options for HTPC style builds, as they can run fanless and completely silent.


The Euler T is actually the latest incarnation of the Euler S. The redesign creates room for three 2.5″ drives, giving your lots of extra SSD storage space that further strengthens their position as HTPC ready units. The Euler T measures in at 245 x 215.5 x 68.5mm and weighs 2.5KG.

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The Euler M is a little larger at 245 x 274.5 x 68.5mm and weighs 3KG, comes equipped with an 80W PSU, room for four 2.5″ drives and can house a regular thickness mini-ITX motherboard, standard RAM modules.

The chassis aren’t cheap, but their exceptional build quality and lashings of aluminium help justify their $250 retail price.

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