Akasa Pi-4 Pro Raspberry Pi 4 Case Review

How Much Does it Cost?

Much like the Akasa Pi4 case we reviewed a few weeks ago, The Akasa Pi-4 Pro also costs just £25. Compared to the cost of the Raspberry Pi-4B, that’s around 50% more on top, but it’s a very solid investment. Not only is it going to keep your Pi4 well protected, but it also looks great, and can greatly improve the performance too.


For this build, setting up the Pi4 in the Akasa case couldn’t have been much easier. It’s very beginner-friendly and the instructions are very easy to follow. As for the software side of things, it’s not going to change how you operate your Pi. I’ve gone and installed one of the pre-built OS’s from the Raspberry Pi Imager software. I went for Ubuntu, not because it’s the best, but because I’ve had some limited experience with it in the past. There’s not really much in there that put a strain on the CPU though. However, if you have an overclocking feature in your OS, you can dial in the maximum, as this case will suck up the heat with ease.

The Akasa case kept mine cool, quiet and it’s certainly well-protected. I could stand on this case and it wouldn’t bother it, it’s extremely robust. It’s not IP rated though, so best to keep it up on your desktop or behind your monitor where you’re not going to spill your drink over it.

I have tinkered with some of the more demanding emulated games, and much like the Pro case I reviewed a while back, it didn’t throttle the performance once. Even playing Dreamcast games didn’t cause it to get more than a little warm to the touch.

The performance from the Pi-4B is pretty remarkable, it’s amazing what these little things can do given they only cost around £50. However, while they do work as a humble PCB, they can get a little overheated and being naked, they’re prone to damage too. The Akasa Pi-4 Pro is a gorgeous looking case and would look great under your TV, sat on your desk, or stuck on the back of a spare monitor that you need to convert to a quick work-from-home station. Simple, but effective.

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