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AKRacing Masters Series Pro Gaming Chair Review

A Closer Look – The Finished Product

The AKRacing Masters Series Pro Gaming Chair is available in 5 different colour variants. As you have probably already noted, our particular model game in the red/black which truly looked excellent. The variants, however, do give you some excellent options whether you want this chair to speak more about work or more about play!


The chair has a nice solid feel to it. Rolling around on the floor was perfectly easy regardless of whether it was a solid, laminate or carpeted floor. We should note that we did try this out on a laminate floor and found that the wheels left no marks or indentations. This could, of course, differ for you depending on the quality of your floor and (no offence) the amount of weight they have to carry. For us though, it felt stable and, above all, comfortable. In addition, the slightly larger than usual wheels seemed to really improve the overall feel of the movement.

Comfortable Seat

As this is not a cloth chair, there might be some concerns as to how this might feel. Well, the short answer is excellent. The ‘pleather’ provides excellent cushioning while (unlike actual leather) doesn’t seem cold or ‘sticky’. It’s an excellent choice of material that not only looks good and feels good but should also prove to be exceptionally durable.

The lumbar cushion is height adjustable and entirely optional. Personally, I found myself preferring to not use this or the headrest. While it might promote a good back and posture (which is good if you’re going to be sat there for a while), personally, I found the padding to be a little stiff in both of the cushions. It’s nice, and it’s there if you need it, but personally, it wasn’t for me.

The headrest might be a little firm for your needs, but it is entirely removable and either way, the chair feels great.

Adjustable Arm Rests

The armrests feel solid and well made. A slight detraction from the overall design is that they are not padded. Yes, this is just plastic. On the plus side though, they are fully height and length adjustable and can also angle inwards or outwards. You won’t struggle to get these where you want them. The height is controlled via a tab while the angle and extension are altered through a little manual force.

Neat Stitching

It’s a point we’ve highlighted throughout this review, but it is worth saying again. The stitching quality of the Pro Gaming Chair is truly excellent. It’s a major feature of a top manufacturing process when the stiching is barely visible and while it is there, you can’t see it unless you pay really close attention.

Laid Back

The chair can be reclined to around 180 degrees. In chair terms, that is certainly rather a long way to go back! In terms of comfort though, this really is excellent. It does get a little bit concerning when you’re this far back and the ‘soft tilt’ also decides to kick in. As such, I daresay a few ‘trust-building’ exercises will be necessary and you will almost certainly want to ‘lock’ that feature before you go this far back. If you do, however, like to occasionally ‘flop out’ (maybe for a short nap between rounds of Overwatch) this is certainly a great place to do it!

Just to give you an idea of how far this does recline, we have included the picture below. Remember though, as above, with the ‘soft tilt’ this does go even further back to make you practically fully horizontal.

On the whole, this chair is super-comfortable in almost any position!


We should note that the chairs are available in a good variety of colour choices. You can check them all out on the official website in the link here! – We have, however, included below an image of some of the colours at your disposal.

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Mike Sanders

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