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AKRacing Slash Prices on Amazing Gaming Chairs at EGX 2019

What better way to kick-off our next meeting at EGX 2019 than to sit down!? Of course, we’re more than happy to do just that at the AKRacing booth, where they had their latest and greatest gaming chairs on display. It is a gaming show after all, so it’s no surprise that gaming chairs are a big hit at the show.


First up, we have the “Premium” which looks fantastic with its black and white theme going on. It does come with other colour choices but has all the high-end ergonomics and materials you would expect.

To the left of that, they have the Onyx. It’s not your typical gaming chair and bridges the gap to a more official friendly chair too. It’s also available in a full leather model. As Andy pointed out in the video, this is a £600 chair at MSRP, but since they have a 5-year warranty on all their chairs, and a 10-year warranty on the frames, they’re miles ahead of most other gaming chair brands in that regard.


Next up we have the Pro. Yes, AKRacing really does keep most of their model names that simple; pro, premium, onyx, not silly model numbers here. It comes in a wide range of colours. The black, white and red is easily one of the most popular choices, as it is for PC hardware too.

It features a large lumbar cushion, neck pillow, flared sides, fully adjustable arms and angle, and much more.


The Max is basically the same as the pro. However, as you can see, the sides of the seat don’t have the wings on it. This gives you a lot more room compared to the more restrictive Pro model; people come in all shapes and sizes, so chairs should too.

Great Prices

Overall, their entire range is looking pretty stellar this year. Not only that, but while at EGX they ran a huge sale, and you can see some reduced prices on them all. They said around 20% off, but honestly, it’s closer to 30% on many of them. They said if the sale goes well, they’ll extend the deals for longer, so keep an eye on for those. Remember that epic warranty too, as that’s something you may not get on other gaming chair brands right now. Don’t forget to check out Andy’s video coverage above!

Peter Donnell

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