Alcohoot Turns your Smartphone Into A Breathalyzer

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Screen_Shot_2013-12-18_at_2.09.13_PM_610x308Alcohoot will be able to turn your smartphone into a breathalyzer, just in time for the silly season. 

Yesterday we brought you the story of an app and device to test your cholesterol levels at home, now it seems you could soon be able to breathalyze yourself at home or on the go thanks to Alcohoot. When is becomes available later in the week, Alchohoot will cost consumers $119 ($7.99 extra for spare mouth pieces and $9.90 extra for replacement power cords) although it is priced higher than the other smartphone breathalyzers like Breathometer $49 (currently on back order) Alchohoot claims that it is worth the price. You are getting a “law enforcement grade” fuel cell that when paired with an internal pump and pressure sensor will provide the user with “professional grade” accuracy and readings. That’s not all either, for an extra $30 each year Alchohoot will provided you with a brand new device and shipping label to return the old one once the new one is received.

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The app will be free on iTune’s App Store and Google’s play store and will provide users not only with their blood alcohol level but also providing measurements over the course of a drinking session and a overview of drinking habits over time. It will also list taxi services nearby to help you get home safely and a list of restaurants nearby if you need to get some food to help sober you up. The device and app will work easily enough together, all that is needed is to plug the device straight into the audio jack with no pairing or instillation required. So next time your out with friends and someone has had to much to drink and is ready to drive, this app and device could come in handy by showing the drinker how much over the limit they are and where the closest taxi service is.

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One Response to “Alcohoot Turns your Smartphone Into A Breathalyzer”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    To hell with spending money on this gimmick. If you have to drive, just make sure you don’t drink, it’s as simple as that and far cheaper.

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