All Babies Need Their Independence Try The Crib Dribbler

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If you have a baby, then you likely know what it is like to deal with those 1 A.M. feedings, the 3 A.M. feedings, and the 5 A.M. feedings. The Crib Dribbler gives us the ability to set it and forget it. Now if it were only real, just kidding. The Crib Dribbler, has been giving babies their independence since 1972. Coming in 2 sizes, the “Weekender, and the “Over-Nighter“.  Perfect for Kindex Infant Energy Drink, Water, Juice, Stew, Cocoa, Formula and Milk!

The “Weekender” allows parents to leave 100 ounces of liquid goodness for their baby while they go out for dinner and a movie, also giving them the chance to stay at that bed and breakfast that they have been wanting to stay at.

The “Over-Nighter” allows parents to kick their feet up for the evening and just relax, giving the baby 40 ounces of hearty goodness.


Kindex, has been “Giving babies independence since 1972. Which is great because every baby just wants to be left alone, allowing their minds to develop and hone their skills. Practicing their balance, vision, coordination and speech. They are better able to work on these skills when left in peace and quiet. Purchasing Kindex “Crib Dribbler” allows your baby to get the time to themselves that they need and enjoy! Giving you ample opportunity to take some time for yourself.

With Kindex you no longer need to worry about feeding times, you could load up the “Crib Dribbler” and take personal time for yourself. You don’t need to worry about harmful plastics as the “Crib Dribbler” is made from 100% recycled plastic syringes!

Don’t forget to try Kindex Infant Energy Drink, now in flavors of Lemon, Bubble Gum, and Lime! Giving your baby Bigger Smiles! Louder Cooing, Cuter Giggling! And Faster Crawling!

Kindex also offers Crib Space Heater, Stroller Blender and High Chair Cutting Boards. As well as their special 20″ LCD HD Television so Baby can watch their favorite movies!

Crib Dribbler is Made in the U.S.A.


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4 Responses to “All Babies Need Their Independence Try The Crib Dribbler”
  1. ET3D says:

    Thanks for the heads up. This product is just what I need. This plus the Pet Sweep ( will make my life so much easier.

  2. Destinny jaide says:

    I had no idea how we were going to cope with the toddler and the new born but with our baby bonus we bought the whole package , tv, space heater and crib dribbler weekender, we set the cot and placed the toddler in, this gave us so much time to focus on the newborn now he is able to crawl he too has been set up and we have been able to spend quality time together sharing bundies and our Winni blues our last maccas meal together was really special thanks a bunch kindex

  3. Nikki says:

    This will be absolutely perfect for those “Grandma” weekends when all I really need at the end of the day is to sit and put my feet up with a few good cocktails. I am buying a few extra to keep in my gift-closet to share with my bridge-club friends to keep at their homes, but I will probably get the “Weekender” so they can make sure their grandbabies are well taken care of while they are out, in case the game goes a little “tipsy” and they need to stay over. I am quite curious about the high-chair cutting board, that sure would be convenient.


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