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Alphacool Says Custom Cooling Solutions Are Ready for Nvidia 30XX

Despite the fact that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 30XX graphics cards have not yet launched, it seems that plenty of manufacturers are somewhat willing to jump the gun a little with news and announcements surrounding how it will impact their own products. For example, only yesterday we saw that MSI had not only confirmed the launch of its first-ever power supply models but also that they were fully-compatible (out of the box) with the new 12-pin power connection set to be utilized.

Well, following a post on their official Facebook account, Alphacool has joined this seemingly growing club by confirming that their custom-cooling solutions are already set for the launch of Team Green’s new graphics cards.

Alphacool Confirms Custom Nvidia 30XX Cooling Solutions

While they didn’t go into any details (not that we’d have expected them to), when specifically asked if their new products were ready for the Nvidia 3000 series, Alphacool, somewhat surprisingly, were happy to confirm that they definitely are!

So, following a recent (and similar) announcement we saw from EKWB earlier this week, it seems that those of you who enjoy your extreme levels of custom-loop GPU cooling are going to be more than a little well set when these graphics cards hit shelves!

How Much Will They Cost?

Although nothing has been confirmed (as Alphacool has not gone as far as to reveal their new products) it is believed that their designs will cost between $45-$130 depending on what level of cooling solution you want and/or require.

Make no bones about it though, with Nvidia expected to debut their new graphics cards on September 1st, the tech news (in terms of new product releases) is set to hit overdrive in the very near future!

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