Amazing 5.5-Inch 4K Panel by Sharp Has a Pixel Density of 806ppi

/ 2 years ago


Japanese multinational corporation Sharp recently unveiled an innovative piece of tech that pushes the boundaries of technology. We’re talking about the brand new 5.5-inch IGZO 4K smartphone display, which comes with an amazing pixel density of 806ppi. Scheduled for mass production in 2016, the panel will feature a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels and will undoubtedly look spectacular compared to what we are able to get our hands on today. Just to make things a little clearer, the HTC M9, which is arguably one of the most impressive smartphones on the market presently, flaunts a pixel density of 441ppi, while Samsung’s Galaxy S6 can brag with a density of 577ppi.

It’s true that many smartphone owners already consider 1440p to be a bit too much for 5-inch displays, as regular tasks such as web browsing or light gaming can definitely be enjoyed at lower resolutions. Still, it’s hard to ignore the potential benefits of higher resolutions and increased pixel densities, especially when we’re talking about 4k videos being reproduced pixel for pixel, not to mention the virtual reality implications. A VR headset equipped with Sharp’s panels could deliver an incredibly immersive experience, don’t you agree? The main problem with these panels is that they are probably quite power-hungry, which means that we should see some advancements in battery technology soon.

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What do you think? Would you buy a smartphone with a 4k display?

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One Response to “Amazing 5.5-Inch 4K Panel by Sharp Has a Pixel Density of 806ppi”
  1. LJLG says:

    This is just silly.
    I Gave up on trying to see the pixels at 5.5 inch 1080p screen with 404ppi

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