New (And Huge) Super Punch-Out Cheats Discovered 28-Years After Its Release

Super Punch-Out is probably among my top 5 SNES games of all time. It is, in fact, despite not having picked it up in years, I’m pretty sure that I could still do a full playthrough of it now and beat it within 30 minutes! – With it being nearly 30 years since its release, however, you would’ve been forgiven for thinking that in terms of cheats, pretty much everything the game had to offer had long been discovered by this point, right?…

Well, following a number of Twitter posts by Twitter user ‘Unlisted Cheats‘ two brand new cheats have been discovered and incredibly one even includes a previously unknown two-player mode!

Super Punch-Out – New Cheats Discovered!

Yep, there are two brand new cheats within Super Punch-Out and quite honestly, they’re both pretty amazing and I suspect one is going to be of special interest to the speedrunning community. What are they though? Well, alas, the Twitter feed got a little confused so I’m just going to tell you what you have to do below:

Character Select For Single Fight! – Speed Runners Will No Longer Need to Do Whole Circuits!

  • Have two controllers enabled
  • On controller 2 input and hold Y & R (you might need to check the mapping and how this compares to the SNES)
  • On controller 1, press start or A

Et voila – You now have the option to pick a single opponent you want to fight!

Two Player Mode!

  • Have two controllers enabled
  • On controller 2 input and hold B & Y (again, check the mapping and how this compares to the SNES)
  • On controller 1, press start or A

Following this, a free match mode is activated and player two (on the 2nd controller) can actually control the other boxer (and apparently down + B activates Bald Bull’s charge!).


So far as I can tell, this cheat works on pretty much any version of Super Punch-Out you can think of. Emulator, Switch, SNES Classic, and, of course, the original console. – And I can confirm that I’ve tried this myself on both emulation and SNES classic and it worked exactly as described!

Now all I have to do I guess is find someone willing to challenge me to Super Punch-Out!!!

Let’s be honest though, for as old as this game is, it’s incredibly (and pleasantly) surprising to see such cool cheats finally revealed!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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