Amazon Adds a New and Improved UI To Their Android Appstore

/ 4 years ago


The Android Appstore got a new and improved look and feel in the latest update. While version 7 follows the dark UI scheme that they’ve been using for quite a while, it still doesn’t have the standard Android app buttons and controls in the standard places.

The UI looks more like the Appstore on the new Kindle Fire HDX devices. This is not surprising since Amazon wants users to be familiar with its software rather than android-based standard looks, and though users would very much prefer an Android interface, Amazon’s approach of unifying their software across devices is not a bad idea as well.

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The Android Appstore should be available through a device notification which states that the new version is available for download, or if you want to install it manually, you can go here and download the .apk yourself. Take note though that your device needs to allow installation for software from Unknown sources. To do this,access your device’s Settings and navigate to the Unknown sources option which is located under Applications or Security depending on your device.

Thank you Android Central for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of Android Central

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