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Amazon Drivers Accused of Stealing PS5 Deliveries

With the PS5 being officially released earlier this week, this new next-gen console clearly represents one of the most anticipated deliveries for many highly-anxious gamers. It seems, however, that many Amazon customers have taken to social media to voice more than a few worrying complaints. – Namely, that their consoles are either not arriving (despite being marked as delivered) or, in more bizarre cases, while packages arrive, rather than containing their highly-anticipated PS5, they are instead holding kitchenware!

Amazon Customers Complain About PS5 Deliveries

One of the most consistent comments being made by (alleged) Amazon customers is that despite their PS5 being officially recorded as ‘delivered’, they have, in actuality, received absolutely nothing! This does, therefore, generally lead to the conclusion (by them, not us) that the delivery driver probably had a fairly good idea of what the package contained and, therefore, and again allegedly, decided to keep it for themselves.

Something that wouldn’t be outside of the realms of possibility. Particularly as we near Christmas where Amazon will undoubtedly have hired many new ‘temporary’ delivery drivers to cover for the increased business associated with the holiday period.

In some incidents, however, it seems that even more bizarre ‘mistakes’ are occurring. Specifically, that while customers have received a parcel from Amazon, while expecting to open it up to find their new and shiny PS5, they’ve instead received a completely non-sensical piece of kitchenware or appliance!

What Do We Think?

In fairness to Amazon, because we fully expect to receive an e-mail from one of their PR people following the publication of this article, it is almost certain that a lot of the people ‘complaining’ about this issue are either lying or faking it for a bit of social media attention.

That being said, however, a quick look at just one of the many Reddit threads clearly indicated that this is not an isolated problem. More so, given the volume of complaints, we doubt that they are all fibbing here! There is a growing group of people adamantly claiming that their PS5’s are, despite being marked as ‘delivered’, not in their possession and, as such, questions are clearly being raised over Amazon’s recruitment process and, more specifically, the integrity of their delivery drivers!

We will, of course, update this article as soon as Amazon gets in touch with us!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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