Amazon Kindle Fire coming to the UK in time for Christmas

/ 5 years ago

In what may be too little too late for the UK market, Amazon is set to introduce the first generation Kindle Fire tablet in time for Christmas.

Apparently two retailers who are both part of the Dixons retail group disclosed information that the Amazon Kindle Fire predicted to be in a top 10 best-selling Christmas gifts of 2012. And obviously to be predicted a top Christmas seller the product actually has to be on sale in the UK in time for Christmas.

However, we can’t see how this is going to happen. The Google Nexus 7 is superior in terms of specifications yet costs the same, there is just no way Amazon can compete unless they reduce the price for the UK market. Given the chances of Amazon cutting the Kindle Fire prices are slim Amazon Kindle Fire could be the biggest Christmas flop yet providing Google’s Nexus 7 is well stocked enough and doesn’t have any spectacular design failures.

The retailing representatives also said it should be on sale by October, but no specific date was revealed. The same two retailers also predicted that the Google Nexus 7 would comprehensively outsell the Amazon Kindle Fire, which doesn’t surprise us at all as the Nexus 7 is simply more bang for your buck.


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