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Amazon Lumberyard Engine Source Code on GitHub

Amazon Lumberyard Engine

Good news for games developers today, and hopefully for gamers too in the long run. Amazon has revealed that the source code for their Lumberyard Engine is now available on GitHub. This is an interesting move, and it means that developers can really dive into everything that it has to offer. Anything can be tweaked, improved, and effectively copied or retooled to suit their needs.

No More Standard Installer?

The old system required a full install of Lumberyard, which did include the source code. However, many have complained that it was a tedious procedure and not really effective. By releasing the source code, all of that information can now be cherry picked and integrated as required. Of course, the original install system will still be available to those who need it.

To Infinity and Beyond

With GitHub, many developers can now submit changes and updates directly to Lumberyards team. This change means that developers will have a hand in shaping the future development of the engine, debugging, and much more.


The old AWS Customer Agreement and Lumberyard Service Terms still apply. However, the repo is public, so you don’t need to login to access it. If you want to check it out, simply head to the GitHub page right here.

What is Amazon Lumberyard

“Amazon Lumberyard is a free AAA game engine that gives developers the tools they need to create the highest-quality games. Deeply integrated with the AWS Cloud and Twitch, Amazon Lumberyard also includes full source, allowing you to customize your project at any level.

Check out the official Lumberyard page here.

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