Amazon Offering Partial Refund to Some NVIDIA GTX 970 Users

/ 3 years ago


Over the past few weeks, we’ve all heard massive amount of hype over the mis-advertisement of the GTX 970 range in the VRAM department. Even though they were shown to have 4GB VRAM, in some very demanding benchmarks, users found the card topping out at 3GB and then becoming very slow towards the 3.5GB mark and not exceeding. Well in a recent update, Amazon has granted some of the consumers who requested a refund, a partial refund of around 20% and allowed them to keep the card. Two consumers have sent in screen shots of their chat logs with confirmation of the refund.

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chat 1

This confirms refunds for both Amazon US and Amazon UK users who bought from Amazon. Newegg has also started giving similar refunds in the US too.

Now with this confirmation, I wonder if the flood gates will now open and we will see many more returns or refund of this card.

Thanks to kitguru for providing us with this information

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  1. Just contacted them,they gave the refund =D

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