Amazon Offers Developers Money in Exchange For Mobile Apps on Fire Phone

/ 3 years ago

Amazon wants to entice developers to create mobile apps for the recently introduced Amazon Fire Phone, providing up to $5,000 USD (£2,938) in virtual currency. The popular etailer will also include up to $500 in Amazon Web Services credits for interested app developers.

Each interested app developer can receive Amazon Coins for up to three apps, and owners can purchase apps, games, app technologies or shop on the traditional Amazon store.

The Amazon app store, which has around 154,000 apps that will run on the custom-Android “Fire OS” designed for its smartphone. Many popular apps already are released for iOS and Android, so including Fire OS support might be initially difficult to implement at first.

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Apple, Google and Microsoft are locked in fierce competition to woo developers to create apps for their respective platforms – and Amazon wants to make sure designers don’t forget about its inaugural smartphone. Some early reports indicate consumers are interested in the Fire Phone, while others are hesitant to leave behind their Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones.

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One Response to “Amazon Offers Developers Money in Exchange For Mobile Apps on Fire Phone”
  1. Wayne says:

    Their phone will garner a lot of interest with it’s novelty gimmick of 4 cameras and virtual 3D but only time will tell if they’ll be taken seriously.

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