Amazon To Start Shipping Items Before They Have Sold

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It sounds like Amazon have their heads in the loony bin with their latest idea, as the company announces that they’re working on “Anticipatory Shipping”, a procedure that the company hopes will speed up order shipping times on many of their popular items, at least until they finally get their drone delivery tech off the ground.

The new system will see Amazon ship items before they have been ordered, their system will flag highly sought after items in each geographic region before anyone orders them, the item will be packed and shipped to that location and then redirected to their specific customer once an order is placed. Rather than shipping items to customers blindly, which would be stupid, they’ll be sending them to a central location near to you. So if you live in London for example, a warehouse near you may have that item on the way to them in bulk and will automatically have the parcel redirected to yourself, meaning the parcel has already undergone a significant part of its journey to you, speeding up delivery time in a big way.

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So no, you won’t be getting that CD a day before you ordered it, but you may get it several days earlier than you expected! Which is still pretty awesome.

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