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Amazon Studios to Develop Fallout TV Adaptation

With the relatively recent (and highly-excellent) TV adaptation of ‘The Witcher‘, it wasn’t exactly surprising that many other video games may have been getting eyed up for the same kind of treatment. Following an official announcement from both Bethesda and Amazon, however, it has been confirmed that ‘Fallout‘ is officially going to be one of the next gaming franchises heading to the small screen.

Fallout TV Series Heading to Amazon Prime

In announcing the deal (in partnership with Kilter Films) Amazon has confirmed that development is currently in pre-production and, in addition, it (apparently) has the full backing of Bethesda for this to be something pretty amazing!

“Over the last decade, we looked at many ways to bring Fallout to the screen, but it was clear from the moment I first spoke with Jonah and Lisa a few years ago, that they and the team at Kilter were the ones to do it right. We’re enormous fans of their work and couldn’t be more excited to work with them and Amazon Studios.” – Todd Howard (Bethesda)

What Do We Think?

While there is plenty of potential in the Fallout gaming franchise to work as a TV adaptation, it feels like there’s probably only around two ways to get it right while being ninety-eight ways of getting it completely wrong!

One of the most-loved features of the games releases is that while it is in a very serious setting, it does (on more than a few occasions) find ways of injecting a little comedy to break the tension. I hope this is the path they take with this TV show, but let’s just say that at this point I’m hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst! I mean, anything to do with Bethesda should be treated with a little caution, right?…

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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