Amazon Support Takes Up Temporary Residence in Valhalla

/ 3 years ago


Amazon has a long standing reputation for a good customer service, a thing that is very important in general for any company, but specially when being so automated as Amazon is. When something goes wrong now and then, it’s great to have a support staff that is both friendly and helpful.

Once in a while you even meet a kindred soul, dare I say even a soul mate. This has happened to Not_Han_Solo, or at least that’s the name it’s published under. Having ordered a book that didn’t show up, he contacted the Amazon customer service and got Thor on the line.

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A quick mind and being a joker he answered “Greeting, Thor. Can I be Odin?” From there on it just ran like a novel with these 2 kindred souls, ending up in not only solving the trouble for the customer, but also in a hilarious conversation that is worth the time reading for sure. I won’t spoil it for you and let you read it properly yourself, and hopefully have a good laugh.


Thank you tickid for providing us with this information.


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One Response to “Amazon Support Takes Up Temporary Residence in Valhalla”
  1. Ryan Airth says:

    Ok, that is awesome!
    But yeah, amazon customer service is great, wish more companies had as good CS as they do.

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