Amazon Takes Aim At Apple With “Lighter Than Air” Kindle Fire HDX Slogan

/ 4 years ago


Softpedia reports that Amazon has trialled a bit of tongue-in-cheek advertising on its homepage, taking aim at Apple’s new iPad Air. Amazon used the slogan “Lighter Than Air” briefly trying to persuade consumers that there are other options to the iPad Air. Indeed, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 inch and 7 inch versions are both lighter than the iPad Air weighing 374g and 303g respectively but of course the iPad Air has a bigger 9.7 inch screen which is why it weighs around 454g. That said 454g is still incredibly light and considering the bigger screen Amazon’s statement is marginally misleading but quite entertaining nonetheless.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

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  • Jeppe Carlsen

    You should correct the capitalization in the “Lighter Than Air” quote.

    • That is so grammar nazi that I’m just going to leave it there to annoy people 🙂