Amazon to have Kindle Fire 2 ready by Q2

/ 6 years ago

Amazon is reportedly preparing the launch of the Kindle Fire 2 some time in Quarter 2 of this year, probably late July. The device is reported to be a 10″ based device, which is bigger than the current Kindle Fire which stands at 7″. Supply chains are said to be shipping sample parts next month with mass production to start in May or June. Such a schedule could set Amazon up for a launch sometime this summer or in the fall.

“China Times says that in an effort to reduce manufacturing costs, Amazon will be hand-selecting and approving components for the Kindle Fire’s successor(s). Engadget notes that this task was previously done by Quanta, one of several part suppliers that Amazon utilizes. It’s unlikely that Amazon would use cheaper quality or slower components in their next device, but perhaps they can negotiate better supplier pricing or find equally as good components for less.”

Source: TechSpot and China Times

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