Amazon Warns PS5 Pre-Orders May Not Arrive on Time

It’s hardly any surprise that since the official launch and release date for the PS5 console was confirmed, it’s currently one of the hottest properties around in terms of pre-orders. Well… excluding the Nvidia 3080 (and good luck getting one of those at the moment).

If you have, however, managed to secure yourself a spot via Amazon, it seems that you shouldn’t be too confident you’ll get it on release day. Why? Well, in a report via GamesIndustry, the online retailer has issued a stock warning suggesting that it may not be able to forfil all pre-orders made. Well, at least not in terms of them being delivered on November 11th/18th.

Amazon Issues PS5 Pre-Order Warning

Now, we should be clear (because Amazon has contacted us in the past regarding ‘corrections’ they wish to make to our articles) that they are still confirming that if you have a pre-order in place with them, you will receive your console. The main crux, however, is that they are apparently not entirely certain that they have enough stock to satisfy all orders to receive their systems on release day.

This does, of course, create something of a grey area in that while you will still receive your PS5, it could potentially take several weeks to arrive.

What Do We Think?

From what we can ascertain, all of the initial PS5 stock has now completely sold out. As such, any retailer still accepting pre-orders is likely unable to actually meet the remit of getting it to you on release date and potentially for quite some time after. So, in a rather complicated conclusion, if you don’t have a PS5 already on pre-order, your chances of getting one before Christmas seem slim. Worse though, if you do have an active PS5 order, it still doesn’t seem entirely guaranteed that you’ll get it on launch day either!

Meanwhile, those of us patiently waiting until the new year to get one are starting to feel a little more validated in that decision.

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Mike Sanders

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