Amazon wins gadget-airbag patent

/ 5 years ago

A design that is originally designed for cars will now be used to protect phones and Amazon have won the patent design.

Amazon has just won a patent design for protecting gadgets when dropped by using airbags. Amazon filed for this patent during February 2010 and it was recently granted. The airbag relies on your gadget’s built-in gyroscope, accelerometers, cameras and other sensors to know if the device is airborne  Once it does, it lets out the airbag and thus protecting (or reducing damage) to your phone.

It’s too early to say when Amazon plan to bring this project into the market, but one could speculate that their plan is to implement this on all of their kindle devices, but this can protect any portable gadgets so the implementation of this on other products will be most appreciated by end users.

Source: Engadget

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