Amazon working with Foxconn to launch Smartphone

/ 5 years ago

Amazon is reported to be working with the Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn to develop its first smartphone. Rumours late last year suggested Amazon would do such a thing and that they would be equipping their smartphone with a Texas Instruments OMAP 4 processor. More rumours have now emerged about Amazon’s potential entrance into the smartphone market.

Two unnamed sources have revealed that work is now under way on the Amazon smartphone. The etailer giant Amazon is looking to cover its own back with the production of this smartphone, by acquiring patents that cover wireless technology in case its subjected to allegations of patent infringement – most likely from the legendary patent trolls Apple.

Amazon recently hired Matt Gordon formerly director of acquisitions at Intellectual Ventures Management LLC. He is now in charge of  patent acquisitions and investments at Amazon and no doubt one of his first tasks will be to ensure that he can help Amazon patent smartphone innovations.

This latest market diversification from Amazon gives it a foothold in many digital media markets, the tablet market and the smartphone market. And given Amazon’s trademark value-for-money orientation we can expect to see this phone hit the market with a very reasonable price and compete with the more expensive iPhone. Amazon have declined to comment the story.


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