AMD Radeon Software 16.8.3 Drivers Ready for Battlefield 1

/ 1 year ago


AMD has been striking hard and fast with their graphics drivers in recent months. Not content with just 2 releases for the month of August, the company released a third set of drivers in 31 days, right on the last day. As expected given the quick pace of releases, the Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.8.3 remains a beta hotfix without full WHQL certification.

The headline features this time are the new Crossfire profiles for Deus Ex™: Mankind Divided and the Battlefield™ 1 Beta. For now, they are only DX11 versions but I would expect DX12 versions to follow once we get updates to both those titles.

Moving along, we get to the fixed issues list. This is uncharacteristically short with only a single fix. This targetted to RX 400 users who may be experiencing an intermittent blank or coloured screen while gaming. As a serious issue for those suffering from it, a fix is most welcome.

However, the lack of progress between drivers is a sign that AMD’s pace has quickened significantly. With less time between releases, the driver team has less time to implement fixes and improvements. The quicker pace will mean however that fixes will come out sooner rather than having to wait for a monthly schedule or something. Hopefully, we’ll get a release in September that will address the growing list of known issues.

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