AMD A10-8850K Specifications Leaked

/ 3 years ago

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The Swedish Sweclockers website leaked more AMD information, this time about the Kaveri refresh APU codenamed Godavari.

The turbo frequency gets a 100MHz bump up to 4.1GHz, which is about 2.5% so not that bad. The base frequency stays the same at 3.7GHz when compared to the A10-7850K. The real improvement lies within the GPU upgrade where we see the GPU clock jump from 720 MHz to 856Mhz, a 19% improvement.

A10 clocks

In addition to the A10-8850K, AMD will release other Kaveri refresh such as A10-8750, A8-8650K, A8-8650, A8-8550K, A8-8550, Athlon X4 870K, A10 Pro-8850B, A10 Pro-8750B, A8 Pro -8650B, A6 Pro-8550B, A4 Pro-8350B, etc.

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Needless to say, they also get slightly elevated frequency treatments and should be compatible with all current FM2+ motherboards, though a BIOS upgrade might be needed.expected to be released in June or July this year. AMD is expected to release the processors  in June or July this year.

Thanks to SweClockers for providing us with this information

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