AMD A8-3870K APU reaches 6GHz

/ 6 years ago

An overclocker by the name of Christian Ney at the HWBOT community has managed to achieved and validate a record overclock on AMD’s A8-3870K APU. The 6.067GHz achieved was made up of a base clock of 258.2MHz by a multiplier of 47. Although he certainly won’t be running this overclock 24/7, which a staggering core voltage of 2v this is sure to put his chip under immense pressure. The rest of the test system consisted of a Gigabyte GIGABYTE A75-UD4H motherboard and some Geil Evo Corsa DDR3 memory. As expected the whole set up was cooled by liquid nitrogen to be able to keep the temperatures stable. He was also reported to take the DDR3 to a brilliant 3505 MHz, just 95 MHz short of a world-record. CPU-Z validator rejected the submission we are not sure why but it probably has something to do with the abnormal core voltage and unusually high bus speed which normally sits at 100MHz.


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