AMD & Adobe Collaborate to Better Next Version of Premiere Pro

/ 4 years ago


AMD has announced a partnership with Adobe in order to make the next version of Premiere Pro support hardware-acceleration of AMD GPUs. In case you don’t know what Premiere Pro is, it’s one of the top video editing programs out there. This will incredibly increase performance on FirePro workstation class graphics cards, but will also give consumer graphics cards a boost, that includes the Radeon series and AMD’s A-Series APUs.

“AMD and Adobe are dedicated to delivering professional and consumer level solutions that support open standards and provide artists everywhere with the ability to create at the speed of thought. Through AMD’s strong relationship with Adobe, video editors no longer have to wait for the rendering of edits, effects, and composites – most everything can now be achieved at high-quality in real-time.” said Neal Robison, AMD’s Senior Director & Software Alliances.

“Our customers require powerful systems that enable them to work quickly and efficiently. While we already support OpenCL on the Mac, today’s announcement gives creative professionals the opportunity to tap into the massive compute resources of AMD APUs and GPUs on Windows-based PCs, broadening the type of accelerated experience they can have with our upcoming software.” said Adobe’s director of strategic relations, Simon Williams.



The performance increases are so dramatic that with the proper hardware it should be possible to render 4K Ultra HD fast enough for it to be done in real-time. This is all accomplished using OpenCL.

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