AMD and Nvidia reportedly delayed the launch of their next generation graphic cards

/ 5 years ago

Are you waiting for the next generation of graphics cards from both Nvidia and AMD Radeon and/or thinking of making a clean upgrade maybe with one of the upcoming Haswell processors?

Well as it stands, you could be waiting till as far as Q4 2013 and not as Q2 2013 as we came to know in December. This is especially true for Kepler 700 series and AMD’s Radeon HD 8000 Sea Island series. According to Swedish website Sweclockers’ sources, its said that that both AMD and Nvidia decided to postpone the release of next generation graphic cards between the time frame of October to December.

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But according to what they’ve said, we may see the dual GPU core based Radeon HD 7990 which was never released as expected in 2012. On the other side, there’s the GeForce Titan, but if you have been following the updates till now, this card that is said to be powered by GK110 core will be even more expensive over the 700 series making it too expensive for now for most people to even consider – unless you’ve got some really deep pockets.

Source: Sweclockers

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