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AMD Announces 3950X & Threadripper Processors

So, following a delay from the November 5th launch date, AMD has just lifted the embargo and confirmed their launch of its new upcoming range of processors. Namely, the 3950X (‘the words most powerful 16 core desktop processor’) and their HEDT 3rd-generation Threadripper products!

So, without further ado, let’s delve in to see what we can find out about them!

AMD 3950X

With the launch of the 3950X, AMD is effectively completing the line-up for the 3XXX range of processor releases. It should be noted that rumours are circulating that one final 3750X may also be released. Despite that though, the 3950X is and will be the pinnacle of the 3rd-gen Ryzen family.

Cooling and Performance

In announcing the release of the 3950X AMD has been very keen to highlight the performance difference between itself and Intel. What else is new though, right?

In addition, however, they have also (rather peculiarly) stated that it has been optimized for liquid cooling. We can only presume that means that it runs rather warm and, as such, some decent cooling solutions will be more than advantageous for it.

X570 Motherboard

The AMD Ryzen 3950X will, as you might expect, retain the X570 chipset design that launched with the 3rd-generation Ryzen processors. You can click here for more information on those motherboard releases.

How Much Does it Cost?

Based on the product slide below, the AMD Ryzen 3950X will have an MSRP of $749. Before you go rushing off to buy your own, however, these are not due to hit retail shelves for quite some time yet. There’s more on that further down, so keep reading!

To see how this may compare to other models in the range you can check out our review of those releases here or, indeed, the video below!

AMD 3rd Generation Threadripper

As part of the launch, AMD has also confirmed (like we needed it) its 3rd-generation of Threadripper processors.

These mark the latest (and likely) greatest seen from AMD in their HEDT range and promise a lot of power and performance for the more technically inclined PC user.

The release confirms the launch of both the Threadripper TR3960X and TR3970X processors. As you might expect, AMD is (again) keen to push how these releases compare to the Intel equivalent.

Motherboard – TRX40

The launch confirms the utilisation of the TRX40 motherboard platform and, as luck would have it, some models due to be released by MSI leaked earlier today. You can learn more about those via the link here!

How Much Do They Cost?

Based on another leak seen earlier today, the press release confirms the pricing structure for the upcoming Threadripper processors.

These prices are about what we were expecting. Albeit you can likely expect to see these possibly creep up a little when they hit retail shelves.

When Will They Be Released?

Despite both the Threadripper and 3950X processors being announced, neither are due to be released until later this month. Specifically, if the slides remain accurate, the 25th of November.

It’s hardly any coincidence that this is, incidentally, the same day that Intel is planning on launching their competitive Cascade Lake X processors.

In terms of actually getting one of these AMD processors, however, that’s where things might get a little interesting.

Product Shortages?

Despite the official launch of these processors today, as far as we can ascertain, very few reviews will be going live. If, indeed, any at all.

We have heard rumours that despite the product launch, supplies of both the 3950X and Threadrippers are quite limited. Hell, even getting hold of an existing 3900X is said to be quite difficult with backorders believed to be in the thousands.

The short version is, while these are officially coming out on November 25th, you’re likely going to struggle to get one for quite some time unless you get your pre-orders in amazingly early. Even then, some lucky might be required. On the positive side of things, however, they’re confirmed! They’re just not quite here yet.

For the latest news and information, you can check out the official AMD website via the link here!

What do you think? Are you impressed with this launch? Are you interested in any of these processor designs? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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