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AMD Announces Budget-Friendly Athlon 3000G Processor

With the release of the 2nd-generation of Ryzen processors last year, AMD introduced its brand new 2XXXG range. Seemingly a throwback to the older APU style of processors (processors that contained a graphics adaptor solution) the range proved to be highly popular for those looking for a basic gaming system on a budget. In fact, we were so impressed with them that we even did a build based on one of them that you can check out in the video below!

Following on from their confirmed release of the Ryzen 3950X and 3rd-generation Threadripper processors today, however, AMD has thrown in an unexpected, but none-the-less pleasant surprise. A new AMD Athlon APU style processor is on the way!

AMD Athlon 3000G

The AMD Athlon 3000G represents the latest release from Team Red that offers a budget-friendly option. The processor incorporates a Vega-based graphics adaptor that essentially means that with the CPU chip alone, you have a decent graphics solution for use and even for basic 720p-1080p gaming.

As you might expect, starting at $49, these do not provide amazing levels of performance and certainly nothing close to the standard Ryzen range with a dedicated GPU. If you are, however, after a PC build on a budget that can handle some easy enough titles, this is definitely a solid option!

Want some decent gaming examples? Then check out the link here!

When is it Out?

AMD has announced plans to launch this on the 25th of November which, all going well, will coincide with the launch of their 3950X and 3rd-gen Threadrippers. Given that this is also the day that Intel is likely releasing their new HEDT releases, this is shaping up to be one of the biggest highlights of the tech calendar this month, if not this year!

We will, of course, be planning on checking out and testing all of these releases as soon as they arrive at our office. So be sure to check out our website and social media for the latest news!

For more information on today’s AMD product releases, you can check out their official website via the link here!

What do you think? Do you own one of AMD’s 2XXXG processors? If so, what are your thoughts on it? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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