AMD axes triple core A6-3500

/ 7 years ago

Sources at Fudzilla claim AMD will not be putting into production the A6-3500 triple core Llano processor which, earlier this month, was reported to be an upcoming release. In fact screen shots of CPU-Z and Super Pi benchmarks were recorded of this processor which according to AMD never officially existed. You can see those screen shots below:

The A6-3500 was essentially the same processor as the A6-3600 Llano APU but with one less core. Officials at AMD say they never discussed this kind of processor and a triple core Llano was never part of the plan. We have seen AMD use triple cores quite well in the past, essentially if AMD broke a core on a Quad core then it could resell it as a triple core thus making full use of the gap between dual and quad core pricing.

It seems AMD has finally shaped up its manufacturing process if this is a sign that it is able to manufacture them without breaking cores, therefore if you can’t afford a Quad core Llano you will unfortunately have to settle for a dual core. Expect the rest of the Llano range to be released by the end of July.

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